Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Going well so far.......

After setting up a page on facebook I have had an order for 2 items and an enquiry which has now turned into an order!
I have managed to grab some photo's of some more products I have finished.
One is a Kitchen Tidy to keep your notes, recipes, invites on and in one place! I chose to do this as a hangie but I think it would also work well on the fridge as a magnet providing you're not a social butterfly and have millions of invites to hang up but magnets I use are pretty strong!

This other sign is a place to hang your socks when two becomes one which always seems to happen to me! I put them in a sae place, then forget, then have odd socks lying around again! So, thought I would sample a sign to solve the problem! 

I am working on another sign for odd socks too this space!

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