Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Im back!

Bit of a break - things rather manic at the moment!
My little boy has an awful cold bless him! We are now used to him sleeping 12/13 hours a night - we are very lucky I know and we never forget that(!) but he has been a bit unsettled the last few nights and has wanted nothing but cuddles from me today, which I gladly give!
Really wanting a summer now - fed up of this weather! We are taking a trip to Cornwall in September so I am holding out for an indian summer!

I have had a few orders in the last few weeks which has been great! And I am now working on 'teacher' signs for the end of term as samples to pop on here and facebook. A lovely friend has already ordered four from me for my god-daughters teachers and she hasn't even seen them yet! Best get cracking!
We have a wedding this weekend - we are leaving our little finn-bob with nanny and grandad overnight for the first time! Im pretty sure we won't be sticking around Sunday morning and very eager to get back home! Will be lovely to meet up with old friends though.
I can hear my bed calling now.......nights just seem to fly by at the moment!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Going well so far.......

After setting up a page on facebook I have had an order for 2 items and an enquiry which has now turned into an order!
I have managed to grab some photo's of some more products I have finished.
One is a Kitchen Tidy to keep your notes, recipes, invites on and in one place! I chose to do this as a hangie but I think it would also work well on the fridge as a magnet providing you're not a social butterfly and have millions of invites to hang up but magnets I use are pretty strong!

This other sign is a place to hang your socks when two becomes one which always seems to happen to me! I put them in a sae place, then forget, then have odd socks lying around again! So, thought I would sample a sign to solve the problem! 

I am working on another sign for odd socks too this space!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Busy day!

Wow! I published my facebook page for the little sign maker last night. Lots of support from all my friends and some lovely comments bless them.....and with thanks to a lovely local lady, my first sale! Hooray! She has ordered a blue and a pink sign (below) with her little ones names on. :-) If anyone is interested these are £6.50 each. Still need to get my etsy and misi shops up and running! Lots to do!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

So, before I go.....any excuse to show off my gorgeous little boy! :-)
Here he is a few days old!
I can't remember where I saw this little saying on this sign but remembered it and while painting my little signs I thought it would be a nice idea for a fridge magnet and an excuse for a proud mum and dad to show off their little treasure!
I love magnets, but please, if in the future, you see any signs that you would like made as 'hangies' I can certainly do them that way.

The beginning!

Welcome to my first blog!
Don't really know where to start as I have never blogged before!
The hubby has my little boy for the day today so I have peace and quiet to try and get used to telling the world what I am up to!
So, the little signmaker. This is something I set up a few years ago. Life as frantic as it always is I never really managed to find the time to get it off the ground and then we decided to start a family! So time is very precious now. I thought it would be a great chance to make a go of this venture while I was at home with my little boy.
I attended a local craft fair last Sunday. It was very chilly and very windy! One of my friends had a stall there to try out (quilting) and I stole a corner of the table! I also deserted her to take my husband, Kev, to be measured for a suit for a forthcoming wedding! Sorry Rose! Needless to say we did not have a good day! Not great for our confidence but both put it down as an experience!

I am always working on new items. Hopefully in the next week or so I will have made a few 'teacher' signs. This are proving very popular for school children to give to their favourite teachers at the end of the year as a thank you to be remembered. I am also working on 'welly pegs' - sadly, at the moment I think there will be alot of use for them! Also, trying to finish a gorgeous little 'Tooth Fairy' box for the little ones. Not quite sure what the going rate for a tooth is nowadays but it has space for coins and notes depending how generous the tooth fairy is feeling!
Well, more work to do ......thought Sunday was meant to be a day of rest!