Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Im back!

Bit of a break - things rather manic at the moment!
My little boy has an awful cold bless him! We are now used to him sleeping 12/13 hours a night - we are very lucky I know and we never forget that(!) but he has been a bit unsettled the last few nights and has wanted nothing but cuddles from me today, which I gladly give!
Really wanting a summer now - fed up of this weather! We are taking a trip to Cornwall in September so I am holding out for an indian summer!

I have had a few orders in the last few weeks which has been great! And I am now working on 'teacher' signs for the end of term as samples to pop on here and facebook. A lovely friend has already ordered four from me for my god-daughters teachers and she hasn't even seen them yet! Best get cracking!
We have a wedding this weekend - we are leaving our little finn-bob with nanny and grandad overnight for the first time! Im pretty sure we won't be sticking around Sunday morning and very eager to get back home! Will be lovely to meet up with old friends though.
I can hear my bed calling now.......nights just seem to fly by at the moment!


  1. Just to let you know I'm sending you a blog award - more details on my latest blog post

    Good luck with the new teacher gifts x

  2. I was going to let you know i've sent you a blog award but it looks like Wendy has beaten me to it! Love your work